Bells started with two friends, Sean Hennessey and Jon Hershey, who have been producing and performing music together since 2006. While initially still members of other bands August Burns Red and This or the Apocalypse, it was impossible for the two to chase Bells in any serious capacity until 2011.

In 2011, Tim Kettering joined the band, and Bells wrote and recorded their version of “Pangaea” for the deluxe edition of August Burns Red’s album “Leveler”.

In the months following the release of Leveler, Bells started writing and recording their first album at Hennessey's Studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At this time, Jon, Sean, and Tim asked close friend Joe Terranova to join the band. On August 28th, 2012, Bells released their debut album “Our Forest, Our Empire”.

Bells performed in support of the album with this line-up, along with August Burns Red’s drummer Matt Greiner as an additional live member, through 2013. Finally, March 2013 marked the arrival of new full time drummer Toby Pool (former This or The Apocalypse), which leads us to Bells as they are today.


If it goes, keep pluggin’ away and do it again.
— Pam